Solar Camera for Remote Sites, Construction Sites, and Parking Lots.

Our Solar Cameras are perfect for remote sites, construction sites, or parking lots as stand alone cameras or add a network connection via wifi for more options such as live monitoring, 24/7 recording via NVR, or email notification with timed frames or motion detection. Our systems do not require monthly fees, and provide you with the versatility you want to meet your needs. Check out products at .


The Most Affordable Solar Camera.

Babineau Systems has developed and tested these solar cameras and solar camera systems, and has ensured operations in the New England area. These cameras and systems are highly versatile and can be used as standalone cameras, site standalone systems, or internet accessible systems. Our systems do not require monthly fees as many other suppliers do. All you need is an internet connection for offsite viewing. We offer many different configurations so you can choose the one that suits your needs. Check out our products at .